Student Programs is Here to Help Your Club!

Whether your club is just starting out or has been a prominent part of your school community for decades, you can always reach out to Operation Smile Student Programs for help! Whether it’s a quick question about a specific service project or a request for speakers, the Operation Smile Student Programs team is here for you for anything you might need! Feel free to reach out to any of these team members for specific assistance with your club or just to introduce your club and connect. We are here for you!

By Gabby Makar, Student Programs volunteer

Who can I reach out to for help with …

  • What it means to have an Operation Smile social media account and how to create one?
  • How to expand our club’s outreach using social media? (check this out)
  • My club’s online social media content? (check this out)
  • Customizing our club’s Operation Smile merchandise?
  • Understanding Operation Smile brand guidelines? (check this out)
  • How to make our own Operation Smile promotion video? (check this out)

Contact the Student Programs content team!

Who can I reach out to for help with …

  • How to get our club started? (check this out)
  • How to teach my club members more about Operation Smile?
  • Registering my student club? (click here and scroll down to Register Your Club)
  • How to gain more club members?
  • How to keep our club active? (check this out)
  • How to raise awareness in our school?
  • How to find a club to join? (click here and scroll down to Find a Club)
  • How to start a Smile Fund? (check this out)
  • Getting Smile Fund tips? (check this out)
  • Brainstorming event ideas?
  • Brainstorming a digital (more accessible) fundraiser? (check this out)
  • Brainstorming food based fundraisers? (check this out)
  • Brainstorming service project ideas? (check out our toolkit or click here)
  • Suggestions on how to run a fundraiser? (check this out)
  • How to conduct a successful service project? (check this out)
  • How to send our service project to Operation Smile?
  • How to hold an event focused only on raising awareness?
  • Ideas for low-cost ways to hold events?
  • Ideas for promoting our event?
  • Finding ways to help Operation Smile even though I am not part of a club?
  • How can I help from home? (check this out)
  • How to introduce Operation Smile to others?
  • How to stay involved with Operation Smile after high school?
  • Switching to an international school?

Contact your Student Programs regional associate:

Who can I reach out to for help with …

  • Learning more about Operation Smile conferences (ISLC, Step Up, etc.)? (check out Conferences)
  • How to join a medical mission as a student volunteer?
  • University field opportunities?
  • Mission Training Working questions? (check out Training)
  • Volunteering at Operation Smile HQ?

Connect with our programs associate:

Kate Malla,

Who can I reach out to for help with …

  • If I am graduating from college/university, but want to stay involved with Operation Smile?
  • How to keep up with Operation Smile events after college? (check out Events)
  • What it means to be involved in Operation Smile not as a student volunteer?
  • Finding an Operation Smile group to continue working with after college?
  • Options for how to support Operation Smile after university?
  • Transitioning to a medical volunteer with Operation Smile?
  • Networking events for previous student volunteers?
  • Speaking opportunities?


Christabelle Fernandez, our Development Manager, Alumni and Events. Her email address is