Students at Pequannock Township High School pose for a selfie before the Operation Style fashion show that raises money for Operation Smile. (Courtesy photo)

Change Lives from Your Couch

We all want to change the world. The problem is, many of us don’t want to leave the couch.  

With just a smartphone, here’s how you can *app-ly* yourself and help Operation Smile provide even more free surgeries!

Go the extra smile

This one is an especially great idea for when the holidays roll around and you’ve got gifts to buy! Amazon offers a super-special service that allows some of the money you spend to go to a charity, Operation Smile among them! Just head to its special website, select Operation Smile, and you’re set to shop! Just think – your gifts could give the gift of a smile! 

Own your platform

Hit up your followers and put out a call for donations on your favorite social media platform! Doing good in resource-limited environments means Operation Smile needs a great deal of materials; donations from kind-hearted, action-driven supporters like you not only make this effort happen, it makes the children happy. From sewing blankets and dolls to rounding up office supplies for the medical records team, there are a handful of different directions your donation drive could take – get started here.

Hit the pavement

OK, so for this one, you’ll have to get up and get moving, but it’s so worth it. With the Charity Miles app, logging your laps means you can help Operation Smile go the distance for its patients! Once you’ve downloaded the app, which is supported in part by Johnson & Johnson, the next step is to select your Operation Smile as your cause and get going! Depending on your cardio of choice, be it walking/running or taking the bike for a spin, you could raise up to 25 cents per mile! It’s an easy way to add your name to the list of movers and shakers.