About Us

Joining a club in your school is a great way to help while making new friends and having fun.

Why students?

Because they are
our future

Youth empowerment has been at the heart of Operation Smile since its start in 1982. We have always included student volunteers on our surgical programs and within the organization. Their Operation Smile experiences today instill a commitment to global health that lasts a lifetime.

From the hundreds of sponsored clubs throughout the globe, to the student volunteers selected to accompany us on our missions, we depend on our young leaders to build awareness, raise funds and educate others on our mission.

Our Pillars


We cultivate leadership by facilitating innovative and inspiring programs that teach valuable skills and grow confident leaders.


We empower youth to understand the importance of being an active participant in helping others locally and globally.


We inspire youth to be an active voice for communities around the world who lack access to safe, well-timed and effective surgery.


We instill the value of teaching and learning to promote social responsibility through exposure to authentic experiences, diverse communities and global health care.

What is Operation Smile?

Operation Smile is a global nonprofit specializing in expert cleft surgery and care. We provide medical expertise, research and care through our dedicated staff and medical and student volunteers around the world, working alongside local governments, nonprofits and health systems and supported by our generous donors.

Meet the Student Programs Team

Juan José Marín

Content Coordinator

Bethany Bogacki

Creative Director

Mansi Shah

Associate, US Northern Region

Gaby Sagel

Senior Associate, Latin America & Caribbean

Carlos Verón

International Director

Brigette Magee Clifford

Director of Student Strategic Initiatives