We’d love to hear from you! Our Student Programs team is listed below, and for more information on how to get involved, be sure to contact your regional representative.
  •     Carlos Veron, International Director
  •     Morgan Banaszek, Northern Region Associate – U.S.
  •     Jacqueline Nguyen,  Southern Region Associate – U.S.
  •     Pete Hansen, Senior Student Programs Associate for Virginia and the Western Region – U.S.
  •     Gaby Sagel, Senior Associate, Latin America + Caribbean
  •     Bethany Bogacki, Content Manager
  •     Juan José Marín, Content Coordinator
  •     Christabelle Fernandez, Development Manager, Alumni and Events

Volunteering at the Global Headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA:
For more information about how to volunteer at our global headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA, email