Student Programs Alumni Network

It has been an incredible journey for Student Programs and Operation Smile as we prepare to celebrate our 40th anniversary. The Alumni Network is being created to provide opportunities for you and to remind you why you chose to dedicate your time and talents to our organization.

Maybe you felt the warmth of being surrounded by peers who shared a similar passion for global health and service, or maybe you found your purpose and chose a career path based on your involvement with us.

Together, we made Operation Smile the organization it is today. 

View our Impact Report to see what students are up to now or venture over to see Operation Smile’s current efforts.

Students have always represented a foundational role within Operation Smile.

There is a story to tell. Your story. 

Be a part of this storytelling journey, and add your story to our growing narrative.

There are two incredible ways you can support today while we work to build the Alumni Network. 

Do you remember your favorite t-shirt and maybe need a new one? Operation Smile officially launched its Smile Shop in December.

Do you remember your favorite moment with Student Programs? Consider donating $5 a month or a one time donation to support Operation Smile and Student Programs as they continue to reach more students in underserved areas.

To learn more about the Alumni Network or to tell your story:


Christabelle Fernandez

Development Manager, Events & Alumni

+1 757-553-7335