Give a Smile, Share a Smile

To celebrate World Smile Month this October, the undergrads behind our College Leadership Council challenge you and your club to raise money to cover surgeries — all through Venmo Bingo!

And there’s a pretty big prize for the club that raises the most money: Operation Smile Co-Founders Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee will crash one of your club meetings!


  1.  Upload the Venmo template to your personal story and club story across social media. We find Instagram to be the most effective!
  2.  In the story, include your personal Venmo account.
  3.  Once a person uses Venmo and sends you the respective dollar amount for a circle, repost template again but tag them within that circle as a “shoutout.”
  4.  Once every circle is filled up (one person per circle),  send the total funds raised (which will be $33) to your club president.
  5.  Every week, respective club presidents will send the donations via Venmo to their College Leadership Council representative.
  6.  This page will host a leaderboard where you can see which university Operation Smile club is raising the most money throughout the month, ending on Oct. 31. The leaderboard will be updated every week on Sunday.
  7. Get ready to smile: The club with the most amount raised will receive a Zoom visit from the co-founders of Operation Smile, Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee!

If anyone’s wondering why this effort is important, meet Mohammad.

When Sadiya brought Mohammad home, she wondered why her first-born son was different from all the other kids.

She had never seen another child with a cleft before. The rest of her family was disappointed that Mohammad was born with his condition, despite the family having a good background with no difficulties at birth.

No matter what, Sadiya was determined to provide for her kid and ensure he received all the love he deserves. She brought him to our medical mission site in Durgapur, India, in February, and he received surgical care for his cleft lip. Not only does he have the happiest smile, but Mohammad had an infectious laugh, and all the nurses on the ward loved playing with him.

This is why we we’re holding this fundraiser — to help more kids like Mohammad receive the care they need and deserve.

— Story and photos by Nicholas Nottage, undergrad at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill