Let’s Hang Out (Virtually)

All right, so we all know about the Coronavirus: It’s the contagious disease that has all of us hunkered down at home so we can prevent it from spreading. But staying in doesn’t have to mean we can’t keep sharing smiles with each other (and the world)! That’s why we’ve started our global #StayatHomeWithaSmile campaign!

¡Quedémonos en casa con una sonrisa! Todos sabemos que el Coronavirus es la enfermedad contagiosa que nos ha dejado a todos en casa para que podamos evitar que se propague. Pero quedarse en casa no quiere decir que no podamos continuar creando sonrisas en el mundo. Es por esto que vamos a iniciar nuestra campaña global #MeQuedoEnCasaConUnaSonrisa.

Every day, one of our teams will post an activity on our social media channels. From fitness challenges to watch parties, we’ll offer up a fun way for us all to do something together even as we’re apart!

Here’s a look at our daily posting schedule:

Make Something Monday: We’ll craft something we can give to our patients or community (when it’s safe).

Trivia Tuesday: Get a shout-out if you get 100 percent!

Watch Wednesday: We’ll watch the same video! We’ll start at 7:30 p.m. EST, but you can start when ready.

Surprise! Thursday: This day is a wildcard and can be whatever fun activity the student team chooses!

Fitness Friday: Get up and get active with our routine!

Spread the Love Saturday: We’ll ask you to share kindness on your Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Celebrate Sunday: We’ll share all the cool stuff we did during the week. Then we’ll introduce you to the next student team and announce their slate of activities!

Todos los días, un grupo de Líderes estudiantiles postearán diferentes actividades en nuestras redes sociales.  Desde deportes hasta manualidades, te ofreceremos una manera divertida de hacer cosas juntos, aunque estemos en nuestras casas cada uno.

Te dejamos un vistazo de cómo será nuestro horario:

Lunes de manualidades:  Crearemos manualidades para nuestros pacientes, voluntarios y las personas de  nuestra comunidad ( Se entregará cuando sea seguro)

Martes de Trivia: celebra si tienes un 100 % en tu puntaje .

Miércoles de videos: ¡Veamos todos el mismo video! Empezaremos a las 7:00 de Panamá pero tu puedes empezar cuando puedas.

Jueves de sorpresa: Este día nuestro lideres te sorprenderán con algo asombroso para realizar.

Viernes Fit: Levántate y participa de nuestra rutina de ejercicios.

Sábado de Buenas Noticias: Te pediremos que compartas cosas amables y lindas en tus historias de snapchat e Instagram

Domingo de Diversión: Te compartiremos todas las cosas divertidas que hicimos en la semana y te introduciremos el nuevo equipo que estará encargado de las siguientes actividades.

  • Don’t forget to get your clubs involved! Using your club’s account is a great way to get your members involved, too!
  • Remember to tag @osstudpro & @latinoamericaenaccion in your posts! And, if you like, we’d love if you could tag three friends!
  • Please use these hashtags: #StayAtHomeWithASmile #MeQuedoEnCasaConUnaSonrisa #osstudpro

  • No te olvides de mantener a tus clubes involucrados.  Usar las redes sociales de tus clubes es una buena forma de tener a todos los miembros involucrados.
  • Recuerda etiquetarnos en todas tus publicaciones y si quieres etiqueta a tus amigos.
  • Por favor usa los hashtags: #StayAtHomeWithASmile #MeQuedoEnCasaConUnaSornisa #osstudpro

Fitness Friday, March 27, 2020

U.S. Manager Cbelle Fernandez challenges you to do 50 burpees every time you get the “Still Watching?” prompt on Netflix or any other video-streaming platform!

Once you do your 50 burpees, tag a few friends and have them accept the challenge, too.

Tag us @osstudpro and @latinoamericaenccion when you finish your workout!

Surprise! Thursday, March 26, 2020: Baking a Smile!

The fun of Surprise! Thursday is being able to pick a mystery activity for everyone to enjoy — and who doesn’t love baked goods?

With her kids by her side, the founder of Operation Smile Student Programs herself, Brigette Magee Clifford, shares her Surprise! Thursday activity: Baking for Smiles. Gather in the kitchen, make your favorite dessert, and make sure you decorate it with a smile!

“Be together and bake,” Brigette says. “This will always bring a smile. Please post your favorite desserts and recipes!”

Tag us @osstudpro and @latinoamericaenccion with your photos of your smiley treats!

Watch Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stud Pro celebrities Pete Hansen and Cbelle Fernandez encourage you to watch them on their Behind the Smiles episode!

Trivia Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Head to the @osstudpro and @latinoamericaenaccion Instagram stories to play a round of “Operation Smile: By the Numbers” trivia!

Make Something Monday, March 23, 2020

For today’s activity, LAC Associate Gaby Sagel challenges us to create two beautiful greeting cards, one for a patient and one for an Operation Smile volunteer!

Once you complete your cards, we’d love for you to send them to us so we can send them to our friends around the world. Out of an abundance of caution, please wait at least 72 hours before you put them in the mailbox on its way to us; once it’s safe, we’ll pack your cards and get them into the hands of those we help and those who volunteer.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

#StayAtHomeWithASmile and join us for a week of virtual activities, all led by your friends on the Operation Smile Student Programs staff!

Here’s a look at which staff member will lead each day’s activities:

Make Something Monday: Gaby Sagel, our associate who covers Latin America and Caribbean

Trivia Tuesday: Bethany Bogacki, our content producer

Watch Wednesday: Pete Hansen, who leads our efforts in Virginia

Surprise! Thursday: The founder of Student Programs herself, Brigette Magee Clifford

Fitness Friday: Cbelle Fernandez, the U.S. manager of Student Programs

Spread the Love Saturday: Morgan Banaszek, who covers the Northern region of the U.S.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

For today’s activity, we’ve prepared beautiful mandalas for you to color!

Be sure to post your completed artwork in your story! Tag @osstudpro and @latinoamericaenaccion, and remember to use #StayAtHomeWithASmile #MeQuedoEnCasaConUnaSonrisa and #osstudpro!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated International Happiness
Day in recognition of the important role it plays in the lives of people
around the world. This is why we want you to show us your happiest smile!

All you have to do is:

1. Download the Smile Sheet and color the one you like the most.
2. Cut it out and place it on a stick or a pencil to make a kind of puppet.
3. Snap a selfie with your new smile and think about what makes you happy.
4. Upload your selfie to your Instagram Story so you can share your happiness with the world. Don’t forget to tag us @osstudpro and
@latinoamericaenaccion and use the #StayAtHomeWithASmile and

Let’s show that happiness and a smile are the best antidote to difficult times!