We’ve drafted this list of potential activities you could host each day of Smile Week. Pick one (or more!) and feel free to come up with your own ways to celebrate. Tag us @osstudpro so we can share your highlights!


Start Smile Week with an act of leadership: Start a Smile Fund to help cover the cost of surgery for our patients (and make sure you select a “Student” Smile Fund.) Send your Smile Fund link to 10 people, and host a fundraiser of your choice.


Help spread the word about Operation Smile and share the impact of the organization with people new to Operation Smile.

Here are some ideas:

  • Wear Operation Smile gear. (Check out the Smile Shop!)
  • Set up a table at school and talk about Operation Smile
  • Make a post fliers about Operation Smile around the school and your community
  • Get five friends to follow @operationsmile and @osstudpro
  • Set up a table at your school and share with other students about Operation Smile 


Take this day to give back to others in a meaningful way.

Operation Smile warehouse staff have told us they’re in dire need of psychosocial care supplies for our medical programs, so we do encourage you to take this day as an opportunity to host a donation drive to address the shortage. These items are used to comfort patients before they enter the operating room.

Here are the items requested:

  • Action figures
  • Board games
  • Floormats (interlocking foam mats)
  • Jacks
  • Jump ropes
  • Pull toys-Puzzles
  • See-n-Say toys
  • Stacking cups

Another option is to see how you can support local organizations and nonprofits, such as food pantries.


Learn more about how to be a better advocate for people born with cleft lip and cleft palate.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have all of your club members register for iSmile 
  • Complete one module in iSmile 
  • Give a presentation on cleft lip and cleft palate at school or in your community
  • Have all club members tune into the Global Leadership Council U-Lead 


Express thanks for people in your community. 

  • Create and distribute thank you cards to support staff at school (lunch crew, custodians, etc.) 
  • Pass out positive affirmations to random students at school 
  • Pass out goodie bags to teachers
  • Volunteer at a local hospital or nonprofit