Lead the Charge

Operation Smile Student Programs believes in building leadership capacity in our students. You all do incredible things to support the organization in your local communities, and applying to one of our leadership councils takes your involvement to the next level.

Roles and responsibilities and applications for each council are below.

Please note that applications for each leadership council is closed.

The Global Leadership Council (GLC) will be the primary support of Student Programs to create new initiatives and opportunities for all students around the world. The GLC will serve as a team of advisers for other student councils in the countries where we work.

The Regional Leadership Council (RLC) is designed to support the communities in your area and provide an opportunity for you to be an ambassador for Operation Smile within it. It’s a great next step for high school students who are involved at the club level and want to expand their leadership responsibilities.

We have RLCs that support the following regions:

  • Hampton Roads, Virginia
  • Virginia
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Northern U.S. (all states other than NJ and NY)
  • Western U.S.
  • Southern U.S

The College Leadership Council is designed to give university level students an opportunity to serve their campus and their peers in supporting Operation Smile. These students often play a role in the University Symposium as well as plan and execute national campaigns.

In its first year, the Digital Leadership Council is a global team of high school students that will support the Student Programs content manager and coordinator as they prepare campaigns and posts for publication. As part of this “DigiTeam,” these students will help us promote relevant awareness days, post features of their fellow volunteers, and lead fun campaigns that boost engagement with Student Programs. They’ll also be in charge of the @osstudpro TikTok channel.