You Should Apply to Join a Leadership Council If …

We already know you’re awesome — you’re a part of our global family, after all — but are you ready to help lead your fellow Operation Smile student volunteers? If you can check these four boxes, you could be just who we’re looking for to join one of our leadership councils.

You should apply if … you’ve been a dedicated volunteer for at least a year

Before you can run, you’ve got to walk, right? Same principle applies here: You’ve got to be super involved at the club level before you can begin to lead on a bigger scale. Besides, when you’ve been working to boost your club, you often see how things could get better and how ideas could get bigger. (And we love when our leadership council members come to the table with new ideas and passion for the cause!)

… you love helping to plan and host campaigns and events

No matter which council you apply for, we’ll need you to lead the way when it comes to hosting campaigns and events. That means you’ll not only need to have passion for bringing people together, but you’ll need to have the determination and drive to successfully implement the great plans you come up with. And hosting an event and conducting a campaign — well, they’re not exactly easy to pull off. It takes a lot of time, a lot of doing and, bottom line, a lot of commitment.

… you complete what you set out to do

We absolutely love when you take initiative, come up with a plan, and see it through successfully! Of course, we’re always here to support you in any endeavor you take on, so let’s get to work, think big, and get it done.

… you’re great at building connections

Ultimately, Operation Smile is all about the people we serve and the friends we make along the way. You are a liaison between Student Programs and your fellow students and supporters in your region or country. In this leadership role, we’ll count on you to reach out to them and offer your help for whatever challenges they may be facing. Building meaningful relationships through this role will not just support our mission but enrich your life!

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