Thank You!

We have received your registration for #2020ISLC

Monthly email blasts will begin on February 10th. Please ensure that is not marked as Junk or Spam. These emails will be sent to the participant email and parent email used at registration (if applicable).

Next Steps Part 1

The following items are due January 10, 2020.

Pay your second deposit of $250 USD.

Read, sign and submit your Registration Agreement, Assumptions of Risks and Indemnification Forms as one PDF.  


Next Steps Part 2 

The following items are due February 10, 2020.  

Download and read the first conference info packet. 

Pay the third deposit of $250 USD.

Submit a copy of your passport (File titled as “First Name Last Name Passport”) and visa to *US passports do not need a visa to enter Peru. For other countries, please check what are your visa requirements. All passports must be valid through February 2021 to enter the country for this conference. 

Complete your online health form and submit proof of health insurance to

Complete your online travel form and submit original itinerary to


Next Steps Part 3 

The following items are due April 10, 2020 (updated)

Pay the final deposit of $250 USD. 


Next Steps Part 4 

The following items are due May 10, 2020. **All links below will be available in late April.

Complete your online media release form.

Submit the Minor Release form for El Pueblo Resort *This form will have to be notarized. 


A note about travel plans… 

We understand that families may plan for a family vacation around this conference. The offsite for this conference will take place in Lima with a walking tour and cultural experience of the downtown area.

Because of the flight patterns to Lima,  a majority of participants will be on flights that arrive the night of July 13 and depart the night of July 19. This conference will provide transportation for flights that arrive on Monday, July 13 from 8pm to midnight.  The conference will officially start Tuesday morning with Opening Ceremonies and officially end Sunday, July 19 at 4pm. We will provide transportation to the airport for departure no earlier than 5pm on that day.

*Rooms will not be available to check in until 5pm at the earliest, which is one of many factors in determining the time frame for arrival.

*Should a participant choose to arrive on an early July 13 AM flight, please be aware that we will not do a pick up until there is a group of 50. We anticipate that time frame will not be until at least 6pm. 

For families that are vacationing before or after and will already be in Lima for arrival or departure day, all points of contact for your participant will be the Lima airport. For example, all participants that are not leaving on flights on July 19 will still be brought to the airport at the end of the conference and families should meet their student there. Specific time frames will be announced when travel forms are due.

If you are having trouble fitting within the transportation time frames, please email before booking your flight.

If you have any questions regarding travel, please email us before making an final travel plans or bookings.