Students who are attracted to Operation Smile are compassionate people who care about others and want to make an impact in this world. You already come to us as leaders and our job is to enhance those skills by providing opportunities to utilize them at a higher level.

Operation Smile students advocate for patients with cleft conditions. They speak to individuals, groups and large audiences. After your time with us, your public speaking and confidence will soar.

Students also complete service projects and fundraising efforts to support the organization. By planning and executing these events, you gain or enhance your skills in event management, communication, project development and mentorship.

With all your club members possessing these skills, you surround yourself with strong leaders that move this world forward and you have access to a network that reaches more than 30 countries to collaborate with your peers from a global aspect.

Get your members involved through our individual requirements. The greater overall impact of your club, the higher your ranking. Individual requirements feed into your clubs rankings, so encouraging members to contribute is easy and effective.

      1. Bronze Requirements
        1. Submit active member rosters
        2. All active members complete 5 service hours per semester. 
        3. At least 10% qualify for Junior Smile Member 
      2. Silver Requirements
        1. Bronze requirements
        2. 25%+ qualify for Junior Smile Member
      3. Gold Requirements
        1. Silver requirements
        2. 50%+ qualify for Junior Smile Member

General MemberComplete course Operation Smile Student Programs offers, register as an active member on the club roster, and complete 5 service hours per semester.

Junior Smile Member – all general member requirements and an additional 5 presentations to external groups.

Smile Member – all general member requirements, an additional 5 presentations to external groups, and hosts a ULead in their school or community. 

Get rewarded by giving back. Complete service hours with Operation Smile, or in Operation Smile’s name, and raise your club’s standard. By attending your club meetings, planning/preparing for events and participating in events, you earn service hours! 

Submit your service hours here for the Fall semester by December 1. 

Q: If my club only has 5 members, how will we compete with the other, larger clubs?

A: Because the system is based on percentage involvement, your chapter can be small, but mighty. As long as your members are active, your club has the potential to be successful! 

Q: My club has 100 members, but they may not want to contribute the hours. How do I make sure that my club retains its members, but keeps them active as well?

A: At the beginning of the year, you can discuss the new requirements with your club. For those who can’t make the commitment, they can always participate and continue to support the organization. Encourage them to give it a try as it would be service hours they would typically give to be a part of the club anyways. Because the club rankings depend on individual requirements, it may encourage inactive members to become active or you might find that those who truly want to make an impact are the ones that contribute. 

Q: How do I make an external presentation?

A: The purpose of the external presentation is to raise awareness for Operation Smile. If you want to talk to your soccer team, coworkers or even Spanish class – that’s awesome. You can use our template slideshow, add your own twist or even create your own. Just make sure that it clearly outlines Operation Smile’s mission and purpose. 

Q: How do I submit my active rosters?

A: The president or leader of your club will print out the excel sheet listed here and send it out to your club. After everyone has filled it out, the president or leader will submit it back to your associate.