By Valentina Donado, ISLC 2019 media intern

I may burst your bubble when I say chaos is all around us, but it is. Chaos is in the atmosphere, in the way we communicate, in the way we act and react, in every existing system. Chaos can be so abstract and unpredictable that it’s scary, especially for us teenagers — all day we stress about deadlines and workloads while unforeseeable changes are constantly happening right in front of our eyes, and by the time we notice, we perceive it as a disruptive abomination.

The thing is, we may see many things as chaotic when they are really not — they are really just waiting for us to take command of the situation. Here are three ways you can take action and take control of the chaos in the world through Operation Smile. 

  1. Taking part in ISLC is a great way to start. It offers the opportunity to develop leadership skills, meet like-minded peers and listen to incredible keynote speakers who will leave you speechless. This conference provides a friendly and fun environment to expand your frontiers and learn beyond boundaries. It’s a chance to grow and become an agent of change with the help and support of many talented leaders. 
  2. Hosting a U-Lead empowers other students to be active voices for children around the world. It’s an opportunity to guide your peers to be champions of service both locally and globally. By sharing all of your knowledge, you can educate other students on the value of service within your communities and help them establish a lifetime of giving to others. Create team-building activities to encourage participants to get involved in the organization’s mission. 
  3. Starting a club is a great way to bring smiles to your school. Don’t hesitate to join any of the 900 clubs around the world or give it a shot by creating a new one yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to unite with others by combining your shared efforts, strengths and compassion to change children’s lives around the world. Whether you join a club or start a club, you’ll become a part of a global network of hardworking students who are committed to making a positive change in themselves and in the lives of others. Start your own meetings, events and fundraisers to raise awareness and funds for Operation Smile throughout the year. Do not forget that you are not alone; with Operation Smile’s toolkits, it’s now easier than ever to start off in the right direction.